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New link: http://sherentang.net
Note: This site will NOT be updated anymore. So if you want the newest updates of Spectacular Sheren! and Sheren Tang, please visit our new site!

Dear all Sherenites!

I have a great surprise for all of you! Spectacular Sheren! has been moved to a better site, and it is now hosted by itself WITHOUT blogger anymore! Blogger had many restrictions and limits, which wouldn't make it the best experience here for you guys! I must say, these 2months using blogger was nice, but now it's time to upgrade and improve for change!

Spectacular Sheren! is now hosted onto word-press, and is also now available for mainland china fans to view! YAY! :) More fans can visit and it's more international! There are also many, many, many new features and services on the new site for everyone to use! First of all, it now has a more professional looking template, so it's more like a fansite instead of a fanblog! Then you can also REGISTER there as a MEMBER and will be able to enjoy exclusive specials! Those will be only available to people who register, as it will encourage more people! There has also included more links to the navigation bar, and will have more goodies to share with everyone with more information!

Next, I've also added a [STAFF APPLICATION] area where Sherenites who want to apply and help with Spectacular Sheren! may do so! Commenting at the new site has more features now too, and looks a lot better!

Besides all the things I just mentioned above, there will be many more to come! As this site was just hosted 3days ago! It was hosted on January 6th 2011, and I had to quickly try and finish setting up everything as soon as possible, so you guys can visit!

I REALLY hope that Sherenites that come here can come support and visit us at our new site! I would greatly appreciate all the love and support to continue on! It was great to see Spectacular Sheren! as the 3rd page on google when I typed in Sheren Tang! In 2months, that was great results and now I hope that we can continue and push Spectacular Sheren!'s new site into google's top pages!

Please continue to support, and thank you very much! It would be best to help spread the word all over the world since it's like trying to advertise and promote something new all over again!

Lastly I want to say I'm sorry for the inconvenience of the new link, as it is a bit longer than the original one(.blogspot) but then you can always bookmark the site so you don't have to type it everytime :D But I can let you guys now, 2-3months later we won't need to type the long domain anymore! Because I will be having a new domain (sherentang.net) for the site! :D Second thing I'm sorry about is for the advertisement at the bottom of the sidebar! I HAD to include that ad because many/majority of the fans voted that they DON'T want to help out with Spectacular Sheren!'s improvements. Therefore, I cannot support and pay everything out of my own pocket >.<" So the Ad is there for that purpose. Please understand!

Thank you for everyone's support! Hope to see you at the new site! I will NEVER take down this blog as it is the memories of Spectacular Sheren!'s beginning and will always be our home!

New link: http://sherentang.net

Note: This site will NOT be updated anymore. So if you want the newest updates of Spectacular Sheren! and Sheren Tang, please visit our new site!

Regarding FC Keychain/Phone straps

Hello All Sherenites!

So sorry to make everyone wait so long! The production of the Keychain and phone straps have already been voted. The BBS/Fanclub has decided to use metal as the material. As last time, we said the cost will be approximately 100-120 which incldes one set of phone straps and one set of keychains( approximately 10 in total). The price includes the cost of the ground fees, since before it was said to be $800 to make one mold. 5 would be $4000, but since 小扣's design has a limit, it might had some more extra charges. For this point, we still have to talk with the store. I believe that all the charges won't pass 1000 for one. Each Sherenite can order one or more sets, but one set must order one set of phone straps and one set of keychains together. We do not sell individually because it would be very inconvenient so please understand! In addition, the production will have to start after the new year, because our work load before is very busy! If we were to go order now, we believe that the quality wouldn't be as careful, and our orders would very small, so they would accept the bigger business's first.(the store). This store has a special warmth reminder, that the longer it takes, and everyone has to be more patient, the better the quality!

If the amount of fans that order is over 100, then we will make it, or else the price would be too expensive and we wouldn't be able to pay! Everyone interested, please comment with your ID(name I guess if you aren't in the BSS), your QQ and other contact information so it would be easier to communicate with everyone!

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[Photo] Walk for a Million

Date: January 9th 2011
Credits: All the people on weibo!

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[Download] Celebrity Press Conference

Date: July 25th 2007
Format: wmv
Download Link: http://u.115.com/file/f58b5ebb96

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[Function] 福演繹 Press Conference

Sheren will attend 福演繹 press conference on Saturday January 15th 2011 at 3pm to 7pm.
The place will be at international Trade and Exhibition Center on the 3rd floor.

For fans interested, please contact Wini. Since we have to approximate how many fans are going, there will be a limited amount of tickets. Please post at the BBS before January 9th 2011!

Ticket Prices are $20each.

電話:+852 65854079

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[Announcement] Attention for all 2011 Sherenites

Hello everyone!

On the last day of 2010, Sheren has something to tell everyone, which regards sending gifts. The BBS will here tell everyone.

Sheren is really thankful for everyone's thought and love. Sheren has already collected many big things(presents). Such as a big picture frame from the BBS, she really has no place to but it. Sometimes when she goes to Mainland, she will be rushed, and if it's really heavy she has to carry it home. Some times she will be with someone else in the car and have to ask them to help. She doesn't want to waste our thoughts and love, so she will accept small gifts. So next time if you give her a gift, she hopes for it to be light. If there is something new, we can all write something!
      The BBS also hopes that everyone can understand and appreciate Sheren's feelings. All Sherenites always here supporting here, Sheren is able to receive it. Her work is very rushed! When she isn't filming he has to do things for the church, so she doesn't have alot of time for personal things. In the new year, we hope to be like Sheren, and learn from her. Sending our love out, working hard to improve, helping others and together we can keep going and give mutual encouragement to each other! 

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[Photo] Hins Cheung Weibo

"Last night when I received your call, I was so shocked that I was speechless... Thank you for your words of encouragement, and also thank you for inviting me today, as I learnt alot! Thank you Gau Goo Leung!" 

Date: January 6th 2011
Source: Hins Cheung Weibo
Translated: MadamLeung

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[Photo] New Years Eve #2

Credit: All the fans who went to the event and share their pics with the BBS :)


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MadamLeung Thoughts: wow! More HD pics from the function :) I have to admit, I really love Sheren's hair and style like this! It resembles the hair she had for the TVB Anniversary Award Ceremony, and make's her look so elegant and gorgeous! Just can't explain it, but she's beautiful! What do you guys think about it?

[Download] Andy Lau Unforgettable Concert - Scoop

Credits: heaven_fan for download link
Download Link: http://u.115.com/file/f6c6bd5152
Streaming Link: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/tGAQx9iJgSQ/

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[Blog] Pray for Me

Date: January 6th 2011 
Time: 3am

Please pray for my tonight's sharing to those coming guest artise, hope I can be brave and wise to show God's lovePray <wbr>for <wbr>me
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Event: 福演繹 Press Conference
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Time: 3 - 7pm
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Event: Why Women are too strong for?
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